Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Spotologist II

People would always ask me why my dog wasn't right in the head, and I would say "Do I look like a Spot-ologist?" But now I'm her only advocate, and I've had to dig deep and try to be a Spotologist. She's less overbearing when she can "run out the crazy" like she did at the cabin, but here in the city it's not possible to let her run loose, and she freaks out if she sees another dog or human on a walk.

Yesterday I was eyeing the local park which looked empty on a sunny day. But today it's raining again, so we wait like before. I'm hoping the doggy Prozac will make her at least functional on walks, and together they will make her close to normal. Record rains aren't helping my efforts in Spotology.

After dinner what I do now is just put her in the crate for a few minutes and let her get over her dinner time anger. For whatever reason right after dinner, she will come sit on a dog under a blanket and not let that dog go anywhere. The poor victim is Spot-blocked and usually cries for me to come referee. Dinner brings out her mommy instinct.

But there have been improvements, and those alone make it worth continuing the meds. She's more cuddly and eats her dinner like a champ every night.

The music blog is coming along. This one will be the wide audience blog. I never started blogging to make money or get page hits, but at this point of my life neither would hurt. "Don't we all" was the reply when I told someone that I wanted to get paid to listen to music" and I countered that I had actually taken action towards that end. I need to find a way to somehow work a Chihuahua into the new blog. Hmmm.

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