Friday, February 5, 2016

Blanket Armor

Smokey and Lenny fought to the death any time they were in fighting range, up until the time Lenny passed away. So, when Smokey and Spot started fighting after Lenny passed, it was very troublesome.

But it became obvious that neither really wants to fight. For one thing, Smokey wasn't scared of Lenny, but he's scared of Spot. And Spot doesn't really fight. She's what they mean by "all bark and no bite," because all she does is scream and nip. And so to Smokey's credit, that's how he fights with Spot.

Lately they've been fighting under the blankets. But they're always under different blankets when they fight, so they both bicker and nip at each other through their respective blanket--kind of like a knight in armor, except it's blanket armor.

I hear growling and I look over, and all I see is two puppet like things nipping at each other. So it's not like real fighting. Another reason Smokey doesn't fight for real is because it would be three against one if they actually fought. And sometimes Ty acts as referee, since he is all about the rules and fairness.

Actually I wonder how Smokey can be such a grumpy old man and still get along with the pack. I think at some point Smokey got too old to care if he's the alpha male any more, and now he just goes with the flow. He even likes to cuddle with Ty.

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