Monday, February 1, 2016

Bossy Girl

Now that I'm hustling to be self employed, I've had to leave the doggies alone more often. Spending a year focusing on my health was time well spent, but now a brother's got to eat. And Zoey isn't taking it very well. I'm not gone 8 hours a day and I've already decided not to do that, but she gets clingy when I leave her alone for more than a couple hours.

And when Zoey is clingy, Zoey is bossy. She started jumping on my shoulder and doing a jump-climb behind my back sometimes, which was almost cute until she did it to me shirtless after a workout. She sharpens her claws like a cat; the only dog I've ever seen do that.

Her claws give her cat-like climbing ability and traction, but the first time she tried to climb my back without a shirt on, I screamed like a little girl. That didn't have any effect, because she did it a second time, and I screamed a second time. There will be no third time, because now I just change shirts after ever workout.

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