Friday, February 12, 2016

Drunk Aerobics

Tomorrow is my day off, yet today I drank four glasses of eight percent alcohol pilsner my brother made. I knew it would be tough getting on the bike for my second workout of the day. By minute twelve, I was audibly moaning. Then minute fifteen came, and I convinced myself that I deserved the pain for not sticking to my fitness plan. After that, the other fifteen minutes went by fast.

Then I finished, and I'm glad I stuck to the plan. Especially since I made my baked Penne for my sister who was having a bad week. The second workout of the day doesn't erase my sins for today, but at least it mitigates them.

Zoey continues to be really clingy. It's been a tough transition from her seeing me as her pet, to her following orders, but she's doing OK. It rained all day today, so she still hasn't gotten a walk this year, since she was sick for a couple days.

Recently I switched to resistance bands from barbells, and it's the best thing I've done health and fitness wise. The weights gave me a whole different body, but with elbow and other injuries from all the high impact workouts. My muscles think the bands are the same thing, except with low impact!

Earlier Zoey was playing with me just like a cat would, so hopefully the better weather will come back, and we can start doing some walks.

The last few months have almost been like waking up from a coma. While I was asleep, everything in my life changed. But I'm healthy and most of my dogs survived the ordeal.

My brother wants to spend a month over the summer redoing the little motorhome pad I'm parked at, so I have an adventure ahead of me as I move my new business forward. Or I can just park on the street while he's doing that--I'm still deciding.

He frowned when I said "I'm going to be like Caine from the old TV series 'Kung Fu' and wander the earth, dispensing justice."

The beauty of it is that if I wake up tomorrow and my house is parked in a different location, then my socks and underwear are still in the same drawer! It's a comment my later father-in-law made. And there's a reason people buy RVs in their late 40s: freedom.

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