Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fitness: The Cost Of Success

The 400-ish aerobic arm lifts a day started out about as difficult as I expected them to be. But for whatever reason, I expected them to get easier as time went on. It was something that I hadn't thought through.

As I did all those arm lifts and lifted weights, my arms got heavier to lift with the arm lifts I was doing on the stationary bicycle. And as my arms got heavier, it was harder to do the arm lifts, which built more muscle mass, which made the workouts harder.

It turns out to be good for fitness, but if at the very beginning someone whispered "pssst, it's just going to get much harder," then I'm not sure I would have continued. Though at least I get some sort of runner's high like I used to when I ran track in high school.

Not just the arms, but the legs, too. The first time I clicked up a notch in the resistance on the bike, I spent about a month barely being able to complete my two half-hour sessions every day. But my body got used to the new resistance, and now it's hard to keep my heart rate where I need to in order to burn fat.

Just like in my career, the success in my workouts has come at a cost that I wasn't aware of at first. I've always said that success comes to those willing to pay the costs, and I've always paid the costs, but sometimes those costs make me a bit sore, like today, the first day of my new-and-improved harder workout.

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