Sunday, February 14, 2016

Smokey And Ty

Smokey loves people. He was the easiest dog to socialize, because the day he realized that food came from people was the same day he decided that he loved people. His entire world is based on food, and so it's not surprising that he doesn't like other animals, which he sees as competitors for his precious food.

Ty loves people and animals. If it moves, Ty wants to be friends with it. He's friendly and sociable, so it was no surprise that he tried to make friends with Smokey. Chihuahuas generally prefer people to their own kind anyway.

The surprise was that Smokey started letting Ty cuddle with him. Smokey and Ty's daddy, Lenny were enemies up until Lenny succumbed to his heart condition. Ty is also not submissive to Smokey, just like Lenny was.

No, I was originally just happy they weren't enemies. The fact that they're actually friends makes me very happy, because it's me and 4 Chihuahuas in a small space, so it pretty much all has to go according to plan for this situation to work.

Smokey and Spot still bicker like an old married couple, but they don't fight for real like Smokey and Lenny did. For the most part, the whole pack gets along famously.

Below is the baked penne I made for my sister who was having a bad day the other day, right before it went into the oven. It had fresh minced garlic, with Italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms and 3 cheeses on top. Of course, when I delivered it, everyone was drinking that 8% pilsner, and I ended up doing my workout drunk that night, which I hadn't done in probably 30 years.

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