Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spot Walk

Today was the 2nd sunny day in a row, and also the 2nd sunny day of the year so far. So miss Spot got to go for her first walk in about 6 months. She did great in a remote rural area, but she's never done well in a busy neighborhood around a lot of people and other animals.

Spot did pretty good. She barked once at an old man, and again at a friendly Labrador who gave her a puzzled look. But unlike previous incidents, she didn't pull at the leash or flip out wanting to bite everything.

She did was Zoey does on walks: she barked and moved on. And she didn't even bark at other dogs barking at her through fences and behind windows. There was a lot of noise and distractions, like squirrels, cats and cars driving by, and kids screaming from backyards, and she took it all in stride!

The tally for me today was: half hour on the bike, 360 arm lifts, 120 crunches and two dog walks--not bad.

Zoey is having tummy problems today and didn't get to walk. She tried to take comfort with her mommy, but her mommy growled and nipped at her. I got the impression that Spot had enough energy for 3 walks, so we'll try a longer one next time!

I settled on my new business cards. I think all that's left to do is get a business bank account and then I can start advertising!

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