Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yogurt Is Good

It was a real "aha" moment about the third person who told me to try yogurt with the doggies, and the realization that it's something the ex gave them every day. Since I started giving them yogurt with every meal, it's been weeks since we had any tummy problems.

Zoey is having issues today, but it's not as bad, and there's no blood. The yogurt has clearly been a win for my beasts. It's expensive, but not compared to all the vet bills lately. They get the Fage Greek unflavored yogurt.

It's never really been my thing, but I tasted a little bit and it made me think of the sauces I could make with it, since it's similar to sour cream.

The universe seems to reward a good effort, so it's nice reaping the rewards for all my endeavors, which just makes me more focused. Even a couple of the blogs are on the verge of going viral. It's my sister's abundant universe theory.

My own version goes like this: "Resources are plentiful, if you are worthy."

So, it's nice to see the endeavors with the dogs paying dividends along with all my other efforts. I think when you put in the work, success is more of a relief than a surprise. Success is more like a deep breath, and a moment of reflection before getting back to work. The pro golfer or NBA superstar think only of the next shot.

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