Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Where's The ... ?

If you ask Ty to go get the monkey, and he's feeling playful, he will sometimes find it and bring it to you. If you ask Ty where the pancakes are, he will run as close as he can to wherever they are and start whining like "right there, man! right there!" That's about the extent of what Ty will find for you on command.

Zoey has many more interests as well as the ability to make it clear that she has no interest in something. If I ask her where the monkey is, sometimes she will look over to where Ty normally puts it. She'll look in the direction of the toy, look at me and do the dog equivalent of rolling her eyes.

I can usually get her to look in the direction of things she knows, likes, or in the case of flies, absolutely hates. I'll say "Zoey, where's Smokey" or "where's dinner" and she'll look at what I ask her to, and then look back at me like she's saying "don't patronize me, Pet, we both know damn well where Smokey is."

The biggest reaction I usually get out of her is when there's a flying insect buzzing around. I'll say "where's the fly, Zo Zo" and her eyes will get wide, and she will scan the area. Sometimes I can point and say "there's the fly! get it!" and she will race over to see where I'm pointing.

Just now she jumped into my lap, and I said "where's the fly Zo Zo?" and she looked around the room, frowned, put her ears down and looked at me like she was saying "that's a very good question, Pet."

Friday, April 15, 2016

Man Servant

We've been working on some of Zoey's behavioral issues like jumping on me and pawing at my face to get attention. She's very smart, and when I assume a leadership role, she falls into line. She'll come to me and obey a few basic commands.

But she still considers me her man servant, and that's a tough nut to crack without it being an "I'm the human and you are a dog" relationship that we should have. So, like with everything else lately, I've been trying to plot a middle path.

The important thing is that she will follow commands in an emergency, and we're already at that point. Now the tough part is getting her to be a little less bossy. I'm still her man servant, and she will often scold me for giving her a command.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Middle Path

Sometimes I get really scared that something will happen to one of my dogs and I won't have the money for it. I didn't have that fear when I made metric shit tons of money. But back then, the family and dogs had everything they needed except for me. Work was so stressful that when even my body was there with my loved ones, my mind was still at work.

Sometimes I vacillate and want to go back to that life. Today was one of those days. But my life 2.0 is more big-picture (spirtually?) focused, and I think that I want to find a more middle path. Being able to foot a multi-thousand vet bill for my dogs would mean a life mostly without me present. I could accomplish the same thing by finding them homes with rich people.

So I did a mental exercise and looked into my dogs eyes, and tried to visualize what their answer would be, and I have no doubt that faced with a choice of guaranteed health with me gone most of the time , or an uncertain future that involves me always being there for them, they would rather be with me.

A few of my family and friends think I've lost my mind because now that I'm physically able to go back to the life of a six figure income, I should do that. It shouldn't even be a question. Stopping to question it shouldn't happen. The wife would come back, the kids would start talking to me again. But I've changed, and I'm getting older. I look back at the last 20 years and the money in retrospect wasn't worth what I gave up to have it, no matter how much everyone in my life enjoyed the money.

So, the last month or so I've been very introspective. The life I would really like is exactly what I have now but with a little more money. I pay my rent helping my brother out with his brewery, have a few small clients and the outdoor blog is making a little money. Other than for an emergency or sudden vehicle repair, I have everything I want.

There's a middle path somewhere in this sea of opportunity. The new business is like this unfinished sculpture in the living room that I chip away at. Sometimes I spend a few days at a time on it, and sometimes I go a week without doing anything with it. A sculpture is much better when it's not forced. I don't want to create the wrong thing.

Every day I wake up and the first thing I see is Zoey looking at me like I'm the most important thing in her world. It's very rare that I have to shove her aside to jet out to something important. Sometimes I'll lay in bed for an hour petting her and Ty before I get out of bed. I'm going to choose a middle path that doesn't give any of that up. The ability to lay in bed with my honey bunny is worth thousands of dollars to me.

"Come back to bed, pet"

Sunday, April 10, 2016

All Is Well

It's been a while since I posted to this blog. Between the four blogs, working out, the business and video gaming with some friends, I'm spread a little thin. I've been slacking a little on the workouts but that's probably for the better because at my age, I don't think six days a week was giving me the greatest benefit. So I'm getting closer to finding a balance in my Life 2.0.

The doggies are doing great. The damp, cold weather is gone and the yogurt did their little digestive systems a world of good. Even Smokey--the grumpy old man-- is happy and content. They still get chicken and rice with vegetables every night for dinner, and pancakes ever day for snacks. The rough life of a spoiled little dog.