Monday, May 30, 2016

This and That

It's been a really busy couple of weeks. My dad randomly showed up right as we were getting ready for the grand opening of my brother's brewery. I did all the food for the opening and was the grill-master, so between the work, the drinking and the socializing, I'm pretty much wiped out.

The big party was fun (other than the hang-overs) and the doggies did great. I was really worried that having 100 people standing next to my trailer freaking the dogs out, but they were fine. I even passed Zoey around a crowd of people. She's so smart--she calms down when I take her outside to see what noises she's scared of. Ty even got to run around the party on his own steam, and he had a great time roving through the crowd introducing himself.

I've been gaming, too, with a new set of friends I met online. We use team speak, which lets a group of people talk voice chat with each other, and it's been a blast. And of course I built a web site for our new gaming group. It's great to have some new friends with nothing to do with my previous life.

The grill master, peering through the haze...

Johnny passed away yesterday. My sister is in Peru and had to tell her assistant to take him in, since it was clear he was in so much pain. He actually looked pretty good other than being miserable, so I understand completely. My little sister took me to visit him last week, and he seemed really happy to see me. His new friend Satin was curled up to him trying to comfort him. Satin is 15 and has lost her last 4 best friends.

It's funny, as I'm looking for some photos of Johnny as a kitten, I'm seeing that in almost all of those photos, he was following Salem around. Him and Salem ended up having 12 years where they were literally never apart, so it's touching to see that it was that way from day one. When we got Johnny, our house in Anaheim was up for sale and it was a colossal venture even moving all our animals. There was a lot of little moments we missed, so I'm glad my camera was there to catch some of it back in 2004.

So it's been a roller coaster of highs and lows the last couple weeks. It's hard not to see my scattered family coming together in spiritual terms. I told my brother that I want to be with my siblings whether I'm building his web site or making potato salad, or both.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Johnny Cat

My sister took my two cats when I lost my house. Salem fell ill, and his ashes are now on my night stand. Now it looks like Johnny isn't long for this world. He's in full kidney failure and there's not really much anyone can do. My sister found all this out on the day she was leaving for Peru, which was also her birthday.

Hopefully I'll be able to say goodbye to him in time. Zoey has a hard time dealing with me being sad. She tries to hold me down so she can give me kisses to cheer me up. It's really sweet.

Johnny has been on borrowed time for about 13 years. My step daughter's friend's mom asked us to take a litter of kittens, and I think at the time we already had 6 rescue cats, so we declined. So what she did was get extremely angry about us not taking the kittens, and said something like "I'm going to have the kittens put done one by one until you take them," and after making good on her threat by having two of the kittens euthanized, we finally took the other 3.

I'll save the tale of Buster and Moo for another story, but after about a year, Johnny was the only one of his litter still alive.

Salem and Johnny became outdoor cats when we got the Chihuahuas, which was kind of a mutual choice as neither group of animals liked each other.

Together they were inseparable and kept the neighborhood clear of mice for almost 10 years. I don't think I ever saw Johnny and Salem individually the whole time we were in Spokane; they were always together. And they were inseparable at my sister's until Salem passed away last year.

After Salem's passing, Johnny became great friends with my sister's 15 year old cat, Satin. She sent me some photos of them together last night, which I'll get around to posting. It's like finally when I start to feel like my new life is not going to have so much pain, something comes by and kicks me in the sad place.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Better Weather

The better weather has been nice. I'm going three times a week to a new gym with my sister. In high school I used to prefer to work out alone, but my sister is right that the workout goes quicker when you have a workout buddy. I was sick for a week, then didn't feel up to working out for a week after that, and so now it's nice to be back into some sort of groove.

Smokey was never a priority for walks because he's old and has a titanium pin in one of his knees. Today I was going to walk Zoey and Ty together, but Smokey started hopping around as I was putting on Ty's harness, so we took him instead. He had a great time. Today was the most enthusiastic I've seen him in quite a while. He's much less grumpy in our new life, probably because I'm much less grumpy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Forbidden Love

For the most part the people in my life are more accepting than I thought they would be. My sister still says "how's your dog wife?" and people tease me, but most of the people who care about me accept that Zoey is my girlfriend.

In my whole life, probably 3 women have looked at me with the same look Zoey gives me. As I'm typing this, she's on the bed peeking at me, hoping that I'll come back to bed. Sometimes I'll jump on the bed and just cuddle with her for a long while.

Some people define their life entirely based on whatever relationship they are in. I've never done that, but what I have with Zoey comes close. My female friends think it's cute for the most part, but I can hear a tinge of sadness in that.

So I want to put it out there that it's not only not sad, I think it's wonderful that there's a little dog in the world that has the same devotion from her owner that she gives to him. My dogs are the most important thing in my life and my devotion to my "dog wife" is total.

I just peeked over and saw her staring at the ceiling. She hates flies.