Sunday, May 8, 2016

Better Weather

The better weather has been nice. I'm going three times a week to a new gym with my sister. In high school I used to prefer to work out alone, but my sister is right that the workout goes quicker when you have a workout buddy. I was sick for a week, then didn't feel up to working out for a week after that, and so now it's nice to be back into some sort of groove.

Smokey was never a priority for walks because he's old and has a titanium pin in one of his knees. Today I was going to walk Zoey and Ty together, but Smokey started hopping around as I was putting on Ty's harness, so we took him instead. He had a great time. Today was the most enthusiastic I've seen him in quite a while. He's much less grumpy in our new life, probably because I'm much less grumpy.

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