Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Father's Daughter

If I catch Smokey or Ty doing something bad, just saying their name will freeze them in their tracks. But Lenny was the opposite. If I caught him eating something he wasn't supposed to be eating, he would eat faster if I said his name. Whatever he was doing, he would do four times faster once he was caught.

Zoey is the same way her daddy was. Tonight I was making their usual chicken and rice dinner. I flip the chopped chicken in the pan like a chef would, and every once in a while a little piece of something goes flying out of the pan. I then pick the piece of food off the floor and throw it away.

The few times that food has fallen onto the floor, I say "NO" and whatever dog stops long enough for me to pick it up and throw it away. But Zoey is a carnivore like her daddy, and when she saw the piece of chicken fall onto the floor and heard me say "NO" she ran twice as fast and had it down her gullet before I could get to her.

The chicken was very, very hot, and I was surprised she swallowed it with no ill effect. She didn't yelp or give any indication that it hurt. She even gave me a smug look of "nice try stopping me, pet" as she jumped onto the bed. She had that smug look on her face about a minute or so until she suddenly horked up the piece of chicken and part of her dinner.

She then looked at me like "you tried to poison me, pet" and went to curl up next to her mommy, Spot , in indignation.

Tonight made me think of something similar with her brother, Tidbit, who lives with the ex in California. Except that Tidbit, who is also remarkably like Lenny, ate a piping hot chunk of jalepeno instead of chicken. So not only was it physically hot, but spicy hot, too. And just like his sister, he didn't cry out. He basically gulped air for a couple minutes and then came begging for more!

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