Sunday, June 12, 2016

Old Married Couple

Spot was the mate of Smokey's lifelong enemy, Lenny. Smokey has never been a big fan of Lenny's puppies, either. Smokey has also been a grumpy old man since he was a puppy, so it was surprising that when get got settled in our new life, Smokey got less grumpy and befriended Spot.

Now, Spot has a very strange way of showing her affection to another dog. She will lay down next to her victim and that dog is then "Spot Blocked" and can't leave. She's sweet and cuddly until her victim tries to leave, and then she turns into a rabid beast.

In the picture below, Smokey realized he was Spot blocked and just went back to sleep. Spot still found it insulting that he tried to leave in the first place and sneered at him (and me) for a while.

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