Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bonding With Smokey

Smokey was our first Chihuahua, and he was my dog the first day we brought him into our home. He chose me. The missus got him as her dog and he chose me from day one, which meant that she now needed more Chihuahuas. But we never really bonded. More like he bonded to all the food I gave him. He chose me because I dropped food when I ate.

Then in  a large household with seven Chihuahuas, kids, work and all the other life stuff, he never really bonded with anyone. The little bit of time I had to devote to him personally wasn't enough. He seemed to want food much more than attention.

Now it's a much different living situation, and he's really been flourishing. A smaller pack, more time, less stress--whatever is different is really agreeing with Smokey.

I knew that Spot finally accepted Smokey when she started "Spot-blocking" him

I remember when Smokey had his knee surgery, the surgeon called me to give special instructions for him because my dog "was kind of an asshole." It's like he was a grumpy old man since the day he was born.

He had a little tiff with Spot today over the prime sun spot, but overall he's getting along great with the whole pack. He's not only bonding with the pack, but he's been bonding better with me. Today I was petting Zoey and Smokey came up and wanted some love, too.

It kind of sucks that I'm only properly bonding with Smokey after 10 years, but better late than never. It's gratifying seeing him so content. He's always been the typical high strung Chihuahua, so it's nice seeing him so relaxed and happy with his place in the world.

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