Sunday, July 3, 2016


The other day I had to carry Zoey the last 100 yards or so of our walk. Sometimes she gets scared and stops and sometimes she has to stop and go potty. But mostly she keeps up with me and likes looking and sniffing at the scenery.

At first I thought she was just scared of something. The day before a big Labrador had run up to a chain link fence and scared both of us. So I thought she was a little scared and tugged on the leash a little to give her the cue to catch up.

I could tell she was trying to keep up. She's been a really good listener lately. And then she gave me a pitiful look and I knew she was having issues. I picked up up and she felt a little warm. So I carried her the rest of the way. She didn't feel that bad because she perked up in my arms and was trying to snap at flying insects while we walked the rest of the way. I said "get the flies Zo Zo" and she looked at me like "I'm working on it, Pet!"

Ty acted like he would've been happy with three more walks. He has his mommy Spot's energy.

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