Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Two Feet Of String

Zoey is about as smart as a mute, three year old human. But three year old humans aren't exceptionally bright, and I've had some of the same issues with Zoey as I did raising little kids.

Today she proved herself by swallowing about two feet of string from a blanket. What's worse, she had apparently been swallowing string for a couple hours, because string was partially digested. As I very slowly pulled it out of her, it kept coming. And kept coming.

She was fighting me every inch of the string, and I was scared as hell to give her an internal rope burn, so I had to hold her pretty firmly. 30 years ago my cat did the same thing and it kind of freaked me out. But at my age, I've raised kids and have cared for hundreds of animals. I was calm and did a good job preventing her discomfort or having to be rushed to the doggy ER.

Who me? I'm a little angel

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