Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Killer Instinct

Lenny had the killer instinct. Even in the final stages of congestive heart failure, he would race across the house and beat all his young, able offspring to get a piece of food dropped on the floor. We were aghast every time he did that, but Lenny was a beast. He lived every day of his life loving hard, playing hard, and he was a good daddy to his puppies.

We always joked that Spot is crazy and Lenny was a beast, so all the puppies have those two qualities to a certain degree.

Zoey is a beast, with a full dose her mamma's intelligence/crazy and her daddy's beast mode. She has her daddy's killer instinct. Now beast + smart + crazy = Zoey is always the first one to the treat. A piece of chicken falls out of the pan, and within milliseconds she eats it and throws it up because it's ... piping hot. I throw a treat for Ty and she gets it 9/10 times.

Ty is smart and gentle, with none of the beast or crazy. I like to think he's what his mamma would be if she were normal. She came from a puppy mill and was abused, but we didn't realize some of the crazy was genetic. So Ty is basically a tiny Labrador--unlike a Chihuahua at all. But that means he loses most of his treats to Zoey. Or would lose if I didn't compensate by giving her treats last. Most of them catch treats out of the air, but I almost never specifically give her one because she's been known to leap in front of Ty and snatch his treats out of the air.

Smokey loves food as much as Zoey does, but he's getting old, and all the eye injuries from battling with his nemesis, Lenny, means he can't reliably catch treats out of the air, and Zoey is just too fast and agile for him.

Spot loves food, but could care less if she gets a treat outside of dinner. She doesn't have the killer instinct as far as getting to treats, but once you give her a treat, she turns into a foul, dangerous beast if another dog comes too near while she's eating it.

So, as usual, Zoey is the criminal mastermind of the bunch, and she always seems to get too many treats no matter what I do. Thankfully she's too small to get into the pantry or on the counters like my brother's husky.

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