Sunday, November 20, 2016

Settling Into A Routine

It's been a busy time here at chez Wing. Tidbit and Bear went back to their mommy, the outdoor blog is getting more stuff for review than I have time to review, and the Facebook page has been literally blowing up. I spend most of my day answering fan mail, looking at fan-sumitted photos and dealing with scammers trying to scam me out of my page.

Even working at home for 15 years, I never seemed to get the time I wanted for my doggos. If Zoey or Ty were on my lap when an important call came in, I had to put them down. Teenager problems, plumbing emergencies: sometimes I just wanted to cuddle in bed with the doggies and turn my phone and computer off.

Now money is still an issue living a frugal existence, but at least I'm my own boss. And now I can ignore a call and spend 10 more minutes giving kisses to my honey bunny. Ty is my truck buddy, and Smokey and Spot get all the attention they want.

The doggies are doing good. Zoey is as ornery as ever. She's got a little red spot on her belly that she's been scratching, so I'm keeping an eye on it. No more tummy problems for her and Ty. Smokey has mellowed in his old age and he's a happy old man. His right eye still gives him issues from all those eye injuries fighting with Spot's mate, Lenny.

Spot had to go off the doggy Prozac because I couldn't afford all the lab tests to make sure it wasn't hurting her liver. But I got to thinking that it wasn't worth it for the results I was seeing anyway. It made her kind of listless, and she seems to be doing well without it.

So we've settled into a kind of routine here. The Facebook page is about to hit 80,000 subscribers, and soon I'll be selling T-shirts with dog pictures on them to earn my living, which sounds almost too good to be true!

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