Thursday, January 19, 2017

Prince Ty

Me and Ty have come a long way together. He came back from two different homes and we kind of kept our distance emotionally because we didn't want to get too attached to him before he went to another home.

And then he kind of got lost in the shuffle when our marriage fell apart, at which point I decided there wasn't much difference between 3 and 4 Chihuahuas, so I made the choice that he would be my dog, for better or for worse.

Being shuffled around without a permanent home meant that he didn't have a lot of confidence. He couldn't jump into the truck because he wasn't allowed to jump in his previous homes. He let his sister Zoey push him around.

Prince Ty, with his Monkey'
Prince Ty, with his Monkey

But Ty doesn't have any of those problems now. He's now the referee among disputes in the pack. He can jump in the truck like a boss, and he's usually my co-pilot. He listens well and loves people. He's still a little scared of Zoey, but Zoey is kinda scary. If she crawls under the blankets first, she will bite him for coming under the blankets second. He's such an easygoing dog that he just takes his sisters bites in good humor.

Now he's not only confident of his place in the pack, his personality has really come out, and he's a great dog. Everywhere we go, he gets compliments on his good behavior. I was calling him the Golden Boy for a while, but now he's Prince Ty to me.